I have a problem. Conventional language in conversation frustrates me. Predictable topics, handy phrases. I hear it and fight the urge to walk away. Sadly, I’m found guilty by a jury of me all the time of using such offensively banal language. And I can’t walk away form that.

Conversely, I’ll light up when I hear something new or unusual, like the other day when I was called a “jerktar” for antagonizing the driver. Call me what you will, as long as it’s creative, I won’t hate you. So I wanted to link you to this article by Mark Peters on the GOOD blogs about a new book by Michael Adams, ‘Slang: The People’s Poetry’. As Peters has it, “Adams suggests that non-boringness is good for the brain as well as the soul”. Seconded. Now what do I have to do for a few dollars and a book on language?