This blog was born of my love of words and the sentences and ideas they make, and I do not disqualify words when they are packaged with pictures. It’s all good to me. Pictures For Sad Children is making me happy today, so this post is about comics. I have a penchant for turning fun things into academics so…
What is a comic? Is anything with pictures and a blurb a comic? Are panels and strips required? What about narrative storytelling? I should say now that I don’t make a distinction between graphic novels and comics. Is that wrong?

Some musings:
PFSC goes non-linear in pretty much every strip… so it’s not a strip per say, and it’s easy to get confused about which panel to read next. I hate reading out-of-order. Why would the author/artist try to trick me like that? I just want to follow the story!
I was wondering, if I read xkcd from beginning to end, will I have read a graphic novel?
What do you think about this one, from a guest-artist at Tiny Kitten Teeth? The panels are unrelated. Wth? As a side-note, the last one is the absolute Louis CK definition of hilarious!
And here’s an Internet comic that keeps the same picture panels, and changes only the dialogue with each update. That’s like eating tofu for dinner every night, and just changing the marinade. What I mean to say is, delicious!

I probably wouldn’t think so much about comics if it weren’t for the fact that a)I like comics and b)I read some of Scott McCloud’s ‘Understanding Comics: Invisible Art’ in an English class at Rutgers. Of course my brain has never been the same, but I actually don’t remember much of what I read, so it’s on my wishlist. So is Ten Cent Plague, which gives a history of comics under the premise that comics is more rock-n-roll than rock-n-roll. I dig it. On a similar note, probably the most bad-ass rock-n-roll Bible you’ll ever read is this one.

Scattered, but there are my musings. This works best when you respond to the questions I asked, or ask some of your own. Thanks for participating.

P.S. Maybe I’ll update this post if I ever figure out why comics in the old newspapers were called “funnies” and then talk about why that could never work today (see The Manga Bible above and Mom’s Cancer).